Privacy and security

Your details are your own! Read here how we protect this data so that your privacy is guaranteed and that you can safely use our systems

Why do we save data?

You can use our website to search for and to communicate with others for a specific wish. For example: you're looking for a cleaner in Amsterdam. After you have registered we will keep some of your details so that we can help you further with your search. Our system registers your wishes and based on this information will look for others who match this criteria. We also need your details to be able to contact you again and also to be able to make payments to or on your behalf. All the stored information is necessary to be able to provide the services that you wish. The information is not shared with others or used for any other purpose.

Which information is public?

When you make an advertisement other visitors can find it after a targeted search. We never show your address and contact details.

Which information do we keep

Your name and address details. Contact information such as mail, social media and telephone number. And all communication through and with our system.

What happens to my details if I temporarily stop using my account:

Your details will be stored until you want to reactivate the account. Your ad will be removed from our site. The only things to be seen are the conversations you have had with others.

Which of my details remain in the system when I close my account

When an account is closed only the communication with another party can still be seen by them. All other data is overwritten and can not be read or restored afterwards.

Who else can access my data?

We create a web page for the service provider that can be viewed by visitors to the website. When creating the page you determine which data is shown and what the content is. After you close your account we will not show this information anymore. It is possible that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing still have copies of these pages. Visit the websites of these search engines to see how you can erase the data there. In addition, all users of our systems can copy the public data you have presented. The companies we use to send e-mails and text messages receive from us the e-mail address or the telephone number and the content of the message that is sent to you.

Are you safe?

We do our best to be as safe as possible. We do this by carefully considering who can see which data at what time. By using proven methods to work with software and data. By being up-to-date and not missing a security update. By only working with encrypted information and automatically having our websites checked daily for security.

Questions and / or remarks

Please contact us for questions or comments about the operation of the system and the use of your data.